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Zurbee Designs is located in Olathe, KS, a suburb of Kansas City. Our heartland location gives us a good feel for modern marketing trends on the west coast and east coast without being completely influenced by either. The staff at Zurbee Designs consists of national and international designers who are leading the industry in the latest marketing trends. Our design team, marketing team, sales team, and customer support staff works fluidly together, creating an enjoyable and professional experience for our clients.

Zurbee Designs core philosophy is centered on giving small business owners the same kind of market branding edge that is commonplace to big corporations. Marketing and branding a business is the cornerstone of a successful business; however, it is also the costliest expense incurred for a business. Zurbee Designs prides itself by keeping our customer costs low as possible while retaining the quality that is expected in a competitive market.

Zurbee Designs believes in good old mid-western hospitality. And as a result, our primary goal is our clients’ satisfaction. We stand by our commitment and goal of creating a high quality product for each and every one our customers.

Our Personal Guarantee

Our products and services reflect our passion for excellence. If you're not satisfied, we're not satisfied. We want to grow our business as much as you want to grow yours. Therefore, we will work to make sure that our products meets your expectations. Our goal as a company is to offer quality products at affordable rates so that small to medium businesses can stay competitive in a demanding marketplace. Our "do the right thing" mantra guarantees honesty, integrity, and quality when you conduct business with us.


Proactive site scanning
We scan your site to monitor uptime, server performance, and activity to ensure that everything is running to its optimal performance levels.
Website Optimization
Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is an industry term that means your website can be easily found when searched for. It doesn't matter how great and effective your web site is if nobody can find it. We tailor each site to optimize search results with all of the search engines.
Animated Banner Design
Banners are mini commercials for your site and products. These can be placed in free ads, on other websites, or anywhere a potential customer might be.
Our Support Staff
Once you purchase a website, you will be in direct contact with your project manager (PM). Your PM will answer any questions and help you gather all the required information.
Cancellation Policy & Project Phases
You can terminate to project anytime before you reach the third revision phase of your plan.

Initiation Phase: Meet PM, gather information, design & style
Mock Up Phase: Choose your design, make changes
Revision Phase: Changes made and design solidified
Acceptance Phase: Accept terms, register domain
Production Phase: Programming, SEO, launch site


Corporate Info
Zurbee Designs is a business brand promotion specialist. We create uniformity in your promotional products by creating consistent themes that get etched into your customers minds.
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